Continuing Medical Education Toolkit for Presenters and Program Directors

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Meridian Health Continuing Medical Education Committee, thank you for taking the time to organize and/or present at a Meridian Health-sponsored CME conference. We very much value your time and energy in this endeavor.

For presenters, we have identified several short videos that we think that you might find useful in maximizing the effectiveness of your presentation. An effective technique to engage audiences is to tell a story. Every topic, no matter how complex, can be presented in this fashion. In addition, as the video discussing the success of Steve Jobs’ presentations at Apple, there is no substitute for practice. This video also shows effective use of PowerPoint. For most of us, it will be less, not more.

If you know of resources in the public domain that we can add to aid future presenters, please forward them to Jean Primavera, CME Coordinator at Meridian Health, at>/p>

Best of luck with your presentation or meeting!


1. “How to Give an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation” (Duration: 3 minutes)

2.  “Present Like Steve Jobs” (Duration: 7 minutes)

3.  “Killer Presentation Skills” (Duration: 7 minutes)