Physician Leadership Directory

Department Chairs

Department of Medicine: Chair: Dr. Avtar Parhar

Department of Surgery: Chair: Dr. Lauren Fischer

Department of Pediatrics: Chair: Dr. Samia Ayoub

Department of Radiology: Chair: Dr. David Wirtshafter

Department of Pathology: Chair: Dr. Haig Minassian

Department of Anesthesiology:
Chair: Dr. James Dooley

Department of Emergency Med.: Chair: Dr. Rajiv Prasad

Department of Urology: Chair: Dr. Saad Antoun

Department of Orthopedic Surgery:
Chair: Dr. Nasser Ani

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Chair: Dr. Ajay Varma


PRESIDENT: Dr. K. George Younan
VICE PRESIDENT: Dr. Georgios Giannakopoulos
SECRETARY: Dr. Sam Bebawy
TREASURER: Dr. Niranjan Shah
PAST PRESIDENT: Dr. Bonnie Robinson-Gallaro