Riverview Medical Center

New Pre-Hospital Resilience Empowerment Program (PREP) Available to Patients

Hackensack Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine has recently launched its Pre-Hospital Resilience Empowerment Program (PREP) at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center. This new program assists patients in preparing for a planned hospital admission for a surgical procedure. Patients will be able to apply new life skills for support during their hospital experience and beyond in everyday life.

Using evidence-based tools derived from Integrative Health & Medicine’s Five Pillars of Health & Wellness (Sleep, Activity, Purpose, Nutrition, and Resilience), patients will:

  • Acquire mind-body skills to assist them in stress management
  • Learn to thrive by building their resilience
  • Feel empowered to manage their health
  • Gain self-care skills to decrease anxiety, pain, and nausea naturally
  • Control the stress response and trigger the relaxation response to promote well-being
  • Discover what foods fuel the body in preparation for healing, during recovery, and overall health

This program is available at no cost to your patients. If you have a patient who has a planned hospital admission coming up and would benefit from this program, you may refer them to 1-800-560-9990 for more information or to register.  

Or, if your surgical coordinator or practice manager would like to inquire about available materials with information about this program to provide education to your patients, please contact Sara Scheller, BSN, RN, CPN, CCRN, Integrative Health Coach, Hackensack Meridian Health at sara.scheller@hackensackmeridan.org or 732-450-2669.

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