U.S. News & World Report Top Hospital Voting Q&A

1) What specialties are included in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital Survey Voting?

Physicians must be board-certified in one of the following 16 specialties:

Cancer – Subspecialties include: hematology; hematology/oncology; medical oncology; surgical oncology; gynecologic oncology; radiation oncology
Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery – Subspecialties include: cardiovascular diseases and thoracic surgery
Diabetes and Endocrinology – Subspecialties include: endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism
Ear, Nose and Throat – Specialty is otolaryngology
Gastroenterology and GI Surgery – Subspecialties include: gastroenterology, colon and rectal surgery
Gynecology – Subspecialties include: gynecology and obstetrics/gynecology
Neurology and Neurosurgery – Subspecialties include: neurology and neurosurgery
Orthopedics – Subspecialty is orthopedic surgery
Pulmonology – Subspecialty is pulmonary diseases
Rehabilitation – Subspecialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatrists)

2) How much does reputation account for in top hospital scores?

Reputation accounts for 27.5% of the score for most specialties, with objective quality type data making up the rest. Cardiac and cardiac surgery reputation accounts for 24.5% with 3% weight determined by the extent to which the hospital is publicly transparent about heart-related performance metrics. Psychiatry, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and rheumatology rely solely on reputation scores without objective data.

3) How can I vote?

If you practice in one of the 16 specialties above, you must register on doximity.com prior to November 15, 2018 in order to vote in 2019. You can then visit the doximity.com website in Feb/March of 2019 to vote. Physicians may only vote for the category in which they practice (ie. cardiology if you are a cardiologist) but can vote for up to five hospitals total. Registration and voting is quick and easy and all votes are anonymous.

4) What is doximity.com?

Doximity.com is a leading social network platform exclusively for physicians. Registering on doximity will automatically update your U.S. News profile. More than 7 million visitors research physicians on U.S. News & World Report and doximity each month. Registering on Doximity by November 15, 2018 will make you eligible to be able to vote in the Best Hospitals survey by U.S. News & World Report.

5) Why should I vote?

Research shows that out of a handful of awards, consumers are most familiar with U.S. News & World Report. Once aware, the majority of health consumers express interest in using the information to aid in hospital and physician selection. In fact, one in three 18-29 year olds are willing to disregard a referral and go to a physician they saw was rated highly online.

In addition to individual benefits, your vote will also help us grow as an organization. At HMH, we have already made great strides in both our reputation and quality measurements, but with the support of our physicians we can reach even greater heights.