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Jun 1, 2011
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Jersey Shore Prescription Pad Use

- With the implementation of the electronic health record and the increased use of the electronic prescription process, Jersey Shore University Medical Center's Physician and Leadership team will be eliminating prescription pad access on the various nursing units on June 1, 2011. After many discussions it was determined that this will improve the quality and service to our patients.  

This transition will occur at the hospital setting and not at the Family Health Clinic and computer-generated prescription blanks will be available for prescribers who would like to write labs, procedures or insulin scales. In addition, for emergencies and in computer downtime, prescription pad sheets will be available at the inpatient Pharmacy Department 24/7 which will be numbered and logged accordingly for security purposes.  

Please visit the physician tutorial on the dashboard and follow the guidelines as instructed, or use the flyers and pocket guides that will be distributed over the next two months as we transition to this electronic process.  

We believe that by eliminating the pads and using computer-generated prescriptions or the prescriber's own prescription pads, it will not only improve the security and access to prescriptions pads, but also avoid any unintended use of these prescriptions and improve the clarity of outpatient prescriptions.


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